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CBD 101 for Rookies

We, here at Emerald's, eat/sleep/breathe/BLEED CBD. We live for it. But, every single day we receive messages and comments asking about Cannabidiol; what it is, where it comes from, what's it do, etc etc etc.

I've put a few similar pieces to this out there for our followers to see. But it is time to refresh things for our newbies and those who have an intense curiosity for our product and knowledge of cannabidiol!

I will go ahead and jump in to some FAQ's. If there happens to be anything I don't cover (cuz nobody's perfect.) or if you have any questions about our specific products, feel free to shoot us a message on our FB page. Here we go.

1. What is it?

It is basically a compound of the cannabis, or hemp, plant that has inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotectant qualities. It is extracted from the main product of the hemp plant using a powerful but non-toxic and inflammable component such as carbon dioxide. It is very different from THC, as it does not encourage any psychoactive traits. The extent of any "side effects" is pretty much a short lived sort of light headed feeling - not even a hand full of times; this is mostly associated with high potency tinctures or shatters.

2. Will it intoxicate me/get me high?

No, no, no and no. Did I mention no? Any product you consume that is considered a CBD rich product should never get you high, even kind of. If you use a supposed "CBD" product that makes you feel even slightly similar to when you smoke weed, or you feel a buzz, there is something wrong. Not unlike the many products found to contain spice or K2, these components can be very dangerous. Please be sure and alert your provider or distributer if you experience these side effects.

3. Is it safe?

The reputed companies make high-quality CBD products that reach the market after consistent testing. The core product, hemp, is grown with precaution in a natural way, avoiding all pesticides and chemicals. Both CBD and hemp are safe to be used, as they typically do not cause any side effects. However, if you have concerns regarding interactions between CBD and any prescriptions you're on, feel free to consult your providing physician, and we will answer any concerns you have as well.

4. What are uses of CBD?

Recent scientific research shows that CBD oil can treat and alleviate symptoms of many diseases. Endless testimonials have proven that CBD is helpful in curing anxiety, asthma, epilepsy, inflammation, insomnia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain and many more. In fact, if you back track to our home page, some of these testimonials are posted on our site.

5. What are ways we can use it?

Easy. Vape oil additives, tinctures (sublingual, topically, or in food), shatters, isolates, etc. These are the main sources of CBD in our shop. My last segment explained ways and what to expect when using each method.

6. Safe for animals? Yes! I also conjured up a post specifically for pet owners! (See previous blog posts)

7. Legal?

100% in all 50 states. :)

8. Does it show on a drug test?

Nope. Unless you purchase a CBD rich product containing a THC ratio. Which, is only legal in states in which medical marijuana is legal. So, there are some loop holes, depending on your state's employment laws.

9. Cost?

Listen... with Emerald's you most DEFINITELY get what you pay for. You'll find, you will save some money the higher in mg you go. Meaning, the higher the strength, the better the benefit. You will have to use less often, and the relaxing effect will be more abrupt and longer lasting. It essentially all depends on how your body absorbs the product, how you use it, and what your wanted results are! REAL, potent CBD is not considered cheap. If you are purchasing cannabidiol products for waaay below market value (be sure to do your research) please be educated on what you are putting in your body.

Hope you are full of CBD knowlege. Pass it along! Like I said, if I missed something, let us know!


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