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CBD = Summer Bod

Me: I am NOT bikini ready.

CBD: Hold my sh*t.

Sometimes considering CBD for weight loss and fitness comes with a ton of skepticism from consumers. But I promise we wouldn't put this out there if we couldn't back it up.

I often see responses like: "People are using CBD for everything these days. CBD this, CBD that." Right. That's fair. But it's popular because it works. And not only because of it's anti-inflammatory properties, which are 20 x's that of ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin - however that's definitely a plus for those of you needing a hand up after a strenuous work out.

Why do most people stop exercising? IT HURTS. Let's say you get started, you're motivated and you get your workout in - but you hurt so bad the next day that you give yourself the excuse to rest and re-group before the next one. Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

We have witness so much success in minimizing the post-workout/ yoga burn and soreness. Do not destroy the lining of your stomach/liver with oral meds before you try this!

Here's how it works:

Researchers believe the progress in fitness and weight loss from CBD may have to do with CBD affecting CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain.

These can help regulate your appetite. What I mean by regulate is, it could help return your appetite to a level that works for YOUR body. Some people need more calorie intake as a result of other illnesses or medications. All-in-all, this can help you feel not-so-tempted by the Krispy Kreme sign or tone down the late night cravings.

Dosages and forms of CBD all depend on preference and which type of results you are looking for. Some are after toning their cores and building muscle. CBD helps break down cortisol levels, which is a hormone that can prevent muscle growth! Others are more interested in losing inches which is where the daily regimen to regulate appetite comes in.

Then there are groups of people who simply are in too much pain to be motivated enough to move and become more active. With the kind of relief CBD provides, you are BOUND to feel more energetic and driven to get out there and live your best life right?

Diet/Exercise is great, but you can still have cellulite and/or stretch marks hanging around. No one likes the appearance of these skin issues on their bodies. You would not BELIEVE the skin benefits that CBD provides. If you didn't know, this magical cannabinoid naturally increases scollagen production, which can make skin look healthier and reduce your chance of developing additional cellulite as you age. The way CBD improves the skins elasticity and texture is remarkable!

You can apply CBD daily for best results and watch beautiful, healthier skin emerge for summer.

For more guidance on dosage, application, consumption etc please message us on our FB page and we will get you going in the right direction!

Let's get them bodies moving and enjoy summer!


Emerald's Triangle LLC

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