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What People Say

Well Emerald’s Triangle LLC .. CBD may not work for everyone.. but it has changed my life .. I don’t have pain anywhere anymore and when I climb the stairs at church my knees don’t hurt .. I no longer dread it ,and I did something today I haven’t done in a long time without back pain !! I changed both beds , did the laundry , vacuumed this “long old house” (that I’m thankful for ) I got on a ladder and changed my AC filters and I got in the floor to get a spot out of the carpet and then I “got up” out of floor without holding to anything.. wow wow wow .. now I have taken it exactly like you a instructed me to ( to the letter) I’m really good at following instructions,I know that surprises my friends 😂😂.. I’m going to be 69 on March 12th and I really thought my aches and pains were part of aging .. but I feel better than I have felt in years and I thank you so much .. I am active and I try to be happy everyday, I don’t waste much time on negativity or being mad at ANYONE, but I’m able now to go and keep on going and do what I enjoy .. which is family things like volleyball and working at The Food Pantry , helping at the school when I can and of course my church activities; choir, volunteer services, and the many things that go on there .. you have given me my life back free of ibuprofen and constant back and shoulder pain ..I’m so appreciative ❤️❤️

~Vicki W.

Harrisburg, Arkansas


  My 14 year old son has had migraines his entire life. He is in pain daily. We see specialists and go to hospitals and he takes strong pain medications and does therepy, been considering Botox....we've tried everything and nothing really helps. Until CBD oil. My son, who is also autistic, and had no idea what I gave him, said "this medicine helps more than anything else". My son's Pain has significantly decreased. He is even more coherent and no longer speaks slurred. When I stopped by Emerald's Triangle that day, I was the skeptic of all skeptics. But I was greeted warmly, my concerns validated, I was educated and I felt confident in my purchase of CBD oil. It has been a miracle for my son. I even went back and purchased some for a friend of mine who also suffers from severe migraines. She said "this stuff is amazing!" No longer a skeptic.

~Amber R.

Piggott, Arkansas 

I encouraged my mother (60) to start taking CBD daily to see if she could find any benefit for her. She has been taking 30mg a day for a month now. Here is what she reported to me when I asked.

"I no longer wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. I seem to have more vitality, or rather I dont seem to tire as fast and I know that can only improve as that in motion tends to stay in motion. I have reduced smoking by 3/4 and intend to stop completely as fast as possible. I find that I dont wake up achey and sore, I wake up refreshed and ready to go. My mood is nowhere near as easily shifted as it was just a few weeks ago. I feel more level headed and in control of how I feel. I will not go back to a life without CBD. And Shaman's Reach Inc and Emerald's Triangle and the wonderful people who work there have been a blessing to me and my family and I would definitely recommend them for their information and products"

~Shaun S.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I have numerous complications from dealing with Lyme and it’s many co-infections for the past 23 years. One, of my many complications I’ve been having “this week” has been a huge TMJ flare up. I stopped by Emeralds today to buy some cbd slave and cbd tincture. I rubbed the salve on my jaws, I had relief from this week long horrible pain within 5 minutes. Every time I’m in their facility, and every person I’ve encountered who works there has been so helpful and nice. I will continue to give Emeralds Triangle our business. Thanks for being so helpful, guys!

~Lori S. 

Trumann, Arkansas

I’m new to the CBD world and I’ve tried a few different others from other places and was always disappointed. I decided to give it one last try and bought Blue Dream shatter and not only did it taste good but it actually did what it’s supposed to do. I felt relaxed and my neck and shoulder pain went unnoticed. The guy behind the counter was super informative and I didn’t leave me feeling like an idiot for asking too many questions. I will definitely become a regular customer at this location.

~Melissa A. 

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Praise report! I have only been using CBD oil for about a month. At the beginning of every month, my hormones start playing havoc on my system. I could have as many as 15 migraines in a 5 day span accompanied with light sensitivity, and nausea. After 2 weeks of that, my menses starts...cramps along with more migraines limit my functioning and usually have me bed ridden for 2 to 3 days. After 7 days, I can get back to somewhat normal. I had been using Tramadol, Flexaril, Midol, and Zofran to dull the migraines and symptoms enough to do minimal functions but they didn't do enough if I didn't take them every 4 hours on the dot. I don't take a full 5 mg of CBD but a little around 4 mg of the 100 mg Total CBD Tincture. But since May 1, I have only suffered ONE migraine due to stress and after starting today - I did take ONE tramadol and one dose of Midol with MINIMAL cramps/pain (From now on I know to grab another small dose of CBD.) I am so thankful that I tried it! I owe Vicki Winnighham a big hug for sharing her story! Thank you for being an honest business who is out to help people not just make a profit off of pain!

~Sharon L.

Vilonia, Arkansas

I was in there last Saturday and the salesman was the most knowledgeable I have ever talked to. After three years of doctors and pain and numbness in my hand after using CBD salve for 5 hours the swelling left after a week no pain or numbing. He told me what I needed, didn't try to up sell me and it worked miracles. Thanks!

~Suzanne E.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Every time I walk in the door at Emeralds, I learn something new. These guys know exactly what they are doing and I highly recommend anyone having pain such as arthritis, inflammation, migraines, etc, or anxiety, depression, or just about anything, you definitely need to swing by and stop in. I have stopped taking pills of any kind, including anxiety and sleeping meds plus not even an Ibuprofen anymore. CBD, in all its forms, is highly effective; I even got my 71 year old mother to try it after multiple ankle injuries. She’s not healed but her pain has decreased greatly. The salve is my favorite and I vape as well. For the naysayers, just try it once. That’s all it takes. Thanks!

~Bonnie H.

Knob, Arkansas

Love this place! I'm bipolar and have pretty severe anxiety as well as pretty frequent and extreme swings between manic and depressive. I have been on many different medications but nothing has helped WITHOUT causing horrible side effects as well. The CBD oil is amazing. I use the 250 and take just a dropper full most days. Sometimes I can skip a day, sometimes I need 2 or 3 in a day it just depends. But my swings are so much further apart and far between anymore. I feel great. It's awesome not being drugged up anymore!

~Jaymie G.

Piggott, Arkansas

We have been using Shaman's Reach CBD for our son with autism for a while now and are so happy with the results. He has had such an improvement in his overall quality of life. He is not as anxious, has improved eye contact, best of all he is happy. He still has ups and downs but Shaman's Reach CBD has been a lifesaver. This beautiful kid is making friends, laughing, trying new things, and even says he has a "different personality." We are very grateful to everyone at Emerald's Triangle for their information, understanding and patience. I believe they truly care about my son and his well being.

~Amy M.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Tis the season for allergies! So I've been taking the local honey with CBD & it has helped tremendously...especially with sleep & coughing! Thanks guys for coming to Hill Top Spirits & letting us try some! So happy that we sell it now! ♥️ much love!

~Kesley H.

Paragould, Arkansas

The SRI Honey Shots taste amazing and brought relief to my sinus headache within in an hour! I could seriously eat like them candy. Reasonably priced and GREAT customer service. I will be back for many more!

~Kelsea J.

Blytheville, Arkansas

Very nice worked well with my hands I work a pretty rough job so my hands get rough and cracked and the cream did wonders thanks!

~James J.

New Westminister, British Columbia

Hello all! My son Ben has severe eczema! We used CBD salve on him religiously and he is completely clear. We have been battling it since he was about 6 months old. We have been prescribed every steroid cream and lotions under the sun. We also have bought every lotion OTC under the sun. You guys saved my son's skin and my pocketbook. I don’t know how I can thank you enough. He’s happy and doesn’t have to have steroids which we all know is TERRIBLE for you. He doesn’t keep us up at night itching. You have brought me tears of joy. You guys and gals are so knowledgeable and I love y’all for it! Thanks again! 💋

~Amanda S.

Jonesboro, Arkansas


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