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Landon's Tattoo - A story of kindness despite differences.

On June 24th, Landon, the son of a Jonesboro local and Emerald's supporter, Stephanie Hutcherson took part in an experience we believe he will always remember.

Life threw a curve ball at this family when Landon was only 2 years old. This event resulted in a traumatic brain injury that would change their route of every day life permanently.

Landon, at 12 years old, decided a tattoo was something he wanted to experience in life. Little did they know, Black Arrow was well equipped to make this happen for him, in a safe and enjoyable way. Being different and wheel chair bound wasn't about to detach him from the spark you would find within any 12 year old boy. Life couldn't throw anything at Landon that he wouldn't just knock out of the park and beyond. Nothing could kill his spirit.

So Freddie, with Black Arrow, agreed to give this experience to him - a gift from a, now, life-long friend that he or his family will never forget.

His intention was to provide Landon's senses with the closest experience to the real thing for him. the final product was drawn on with marker, but Freddie made sure to expose Landon to everything from the sounds of the equipment to the vibration of the ink gun on his skin.

"He did everything he would do if Landon was actually getting a tattoo. Freddie showed him all the equipment and explained it to him. Then let him hear and feel the vibration. Sometimes things like that bother him, but since Freddie was so thorough and took his time with Landon, he was really calm and excited!" Stephanie shared.

This story meant a lot to us. Absorbing the kindness and good hearts that exist in our community is important to me - you turn into what you surround yourself with. This story is the GOOD stuff we so often try to be a part of.