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So there are a couple of CBD manufacturers out there. Some doing things the right way, others not so much. We began this journey in 2017 when we realized that most available "CBD" products contained very little if any actual CBD and had side effects not associated with genuine CBD.

So we structured a business, Shaman's Reach Inc., in Brookland, Arkansas over the course of a year or so. Bringing in new people, equipment, and ideas. We have grown from a single product to over 25 fully developed products that are sold across the nation, and now to several locations internationally! 

We do things right, maintaining our integrity with those who support us and trust us with their health, and the ingredients we use in our products. We support our community just the same.

We are a close-knit little family of sorts. We are problem solvers, doers, makers, and innovators. As we say;

"It's good to be in the Shaman's Reach."

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