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Pets & Second - Hand Cannabis Smoke

So can our pets ACTUALLY get high off of second-hand cannabis smoke?

Yes sir. And they do not like it. It's not good for them either. Ain't nobody judging - just good to stay informed on the subject.

It's hard to pin-point exactly what is on our pets' minds, yes. But it has been proven many times by neurological testing and pet demeanor experts, THC does more to disorient and disturb them. While too many pet owners assume it soothes and calms ole Diesel as it does us sometimes.

Something to remember is - they do not know what's happening to them! All the did was breathe. Then suddenly they feel dizzy, out of control and scared. When we partake as humans, we are prepared to accept the side-effects and react to them accordingly. We know it won't last. It has actually discovered that cats/dogs have significantly more sensitive olfactory systems than we do. And odds are - they weigh exceptionally less than we do so intox can happen very abruptly with very little THC.

Typical symptoms of THC intox in pets are disorientation, excess drooling or urinating, diarrhea, vomiting, reduced heart-rate and dilated pupils.

This can definitely be worth a trip to the vet, as they can replace fluid and give anti-nausea meds. Your lil pupper will feel better in no time. Just comfort them until it passes.

CBD however is perfectly safe and beneficial for dogs and cats. (See our segment on CBD for pets!) Not all cannabinoids will cause reactions like THC does. We actually carry pet tinctures flavored and formulated for easy, tasty consumption just for them!

Just keep a keen eye on your furry pal while you partake. Separate them from close encounters with the second-hand smoke. Keep edibles or paraphernalia put out of reach, and you should be good!

All the love to you and your fur babies!

Emerald's Triangle LLC

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