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Success Stories of Real Medical Marijuana Patients

We hear it a lot. "What happens when people can legally use for the benefit of their ailments and disorders?" Well, friend, remarkable things. Outstanding things. Results we can hardly explain. I know to most, we don't have to explain because we are surrounded with a community of believers. Just for testimony's sake, we are going to report it straight from the horse's mouth. Below are a few we have dug for that struck home for us, and make us all that more anxious to finally have the ability to bring this kind of relief to our people.

Mrs. Ellen Lenox is a columnist in Rhode Island who doubles as a licensed medical marijuana caregiver for the state. She documented all kinds of forms of treatment through medical marijuana and how patients under her care responded to said treatments. No underlining agenda here, folks. Strictly a circle of believers and advocates sharing their experiences. Here goes.

"My husband and I have been licensed medical marijuana caregivers in the state of Rhode Island for over five years. Our lives have been touched by the many people who have been sent our way by doctors for education about medical marijuana. Some of the people below are either our present or past patients, along with some from other states we met and have kept in touch with.

We hope their stories will help you gain the courage to give this safe, non-invasive pain medication a try.

Bob - Paraplegic

Bob arrived at our house in his handicap equipped van and we met him in the driveway. It was difficult to understand Bob’s speech at first due to his intense level of pain. He seemed overwhelmed and lost.

The doctor who saved Bob’s life when he fell off a roof and was impaled and paralyzed, warned him when he awoke from surgery that he would experience intense pain for the rest of his life.

However, things changed when Bob tried medical marijuana. He vaporized marijuana right there in the driveway, proceeded to tell us that he felt no change, and before he knew it was having a conversation with us. At times, the effects of mari