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Senate to Have Hearing to BAN Edibles and Routes to Advertise MMJ!

It was brought to our attention yesterday, that our Arkansas Senate is to hold a hearing today, Thursday February 28. This hearing would address two bills brought to the table - SB440 and SB441, which could greatly impact the many steps forward that have been taken as a state and a community. We have also received word that this supposed hearing is to be rescheduled. We will make sure to keep you all updated once a new hearing date is released.

So here is the problem.

The bills SB440 and SB441 could stir up some MAJOR turmoil and hinder a lot of the progress made in our state on behalf of the thousands of patients in DIRE need of medical intervention from medical marijuana.

SB440 states that edibles and beverages containing medicinal marijuana would be BANNED unless it is otherwise dispensed in a hospital, while admitted in said hospital. Guys... EDIBLES ARE SO EFFECTIVE! It is a phenomenal way for the sickest patients to receive relief in 20 minutes(average), but lasts hours longer than when inhaled. Heck, this would even be a SAFER option for some patients who otherwise could not vape or smoke their prescriptions.

SB441 bans the advertising, publicizing, promoting or marketing through broadcasting, online services, print services or billboards of medical marijuana, the use of medical marijuana, or services associated with medical marijuana.

This would completely rob businesses of their right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It would also hinder a vast majority of patients to have access to the information they need and want about their potential to use medical marijuana. It also prohibits the use of any symbol commonly associated with the practice of medicine or the practice of pharmacy, specifically including crosses of any color and caduceus. (the medical symbol often used on or within pharmaceutical labels) - We get that. These dispensaries are not pharmacies and should not be confused as such.

I can see my brain, I am rolling my eyes so hard.


There's hope. These bills aren't concrete yet.

Here is how you can help:

Just contact members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development and tell them why we oppose SB440 and SB441. Members’ profiles below. Calls are the best method.

All love,

Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.

Senator John Cooper 870.761.0130

Senator Ricky Hill 501.286.2285

Senator Eddie 870.364.5659

Senator Blake 870.323.1766

Senator Bruce 870.235.7041

Senator Matthew 479.883.2072

Senator James Sturch 870.612.7589

Senator David Wallace 870.919.8046

Official information aforementioned was provided by the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association, as was their logo.

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