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And That's A Wrap - A Few Words From Us to Close 2018!

You may feel resentment toward the year of 2018. It may have whooped your ass or made life one big emotional roller coaster from hell (just speaking from experience). Or, if you are looking on the bright side, and you are a firm believer in Cannabis and it's power of remedying our life's most uncomfortable moments, you may have gotten a peek into a silver lining. For us, it was HUGE. For Emerald's Triangle LLC and Shaman's Reach Inc. it has been a BOMB year. A 2nd and 3rd location?? What the WHAT?? We didn't see that coming, and it is all because of our community's support. You guys even loved on us during a pretty confusing and dark time for some of our staff members when someone attempted to rob us at gunpoint. Not to scoot backwards to the negative, but it is important to reflect back on what makes Emerald's Emerald's. And what beefs us up as a company and makes life worth living for us. Part of that is remembering the hurdles and struggles we have overcome. We are firm believers in "good always wins." In one way or another, eventually the good hearted, well intentioned come out on top and make a WORLD of difference in the generations to come.

It's a ripple effect - good, that is. Doing well is great. But doing GOOD leaves a lasting effect on the hearts of people and it spreads like softened butter.

I whole-heartedly hope that Emerald's Triangle LLC has done more GOOD than ANYTHING! This may be more sentimental than all of you were prepared for, but you know me, EMO ALL THE TIME. I cAnT hElpIt.

Anyhow. Between new product launches, to GIVEAWAYS, to support and knowledge among the masses, for Emerald's we are calling it a good one. Mostly because it was a big year for the very thing we believe in most - cannabis.