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Several Months of 2018 MMJ Stats

I understand that not everyone is seasoned on the terms and statistics associated with the reports on medical marijuana each year. So before we jump into those, here are a few things you should know:

1. There is a difference between the number of patients and percentage of patients. Notice the difference on the tables and do not get them confused.

2. You will notice a disclaimer as such - **Does not add to 100% as some patients report more than one debilitating or disabling medical condition. The percentages reported under the table do not all add to 100% because some of these patients have reported several of these conditions at once. So these percentages should be seen as an accumulative, all added together given the total volume of patients.

3. These reports are from the Medical Marijuana Registry Program based in Colorado.

Statistics for January:

*Alright so we attempted to just upload the PDF of the reports, but WIX is failing us today, so a link will have to do! I apologize!

Statistics for February:

Statistics for March:

Statistics for April:

Statistics for May:

Statistics for June:

Statistics for July:

We hope these results were as exciting for you guys as they were for us! Coming up: WE WILL HAVE REPORTS AND LABS OF OUR OWN UP AND COMING PRODUCTS! STAY TUNED!


Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.

~ Haylie


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