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YouTube Down. Doomsday what?! Huh? What’s a ZORGO

YouTube, if you are internet socialites, is down. Trending on every major and minor platform. YouTube crashing is a big deal as billions of dollars are spent on keeping the uptime as close to 100% as possible and up until now, only a few instances of downtime have been seen. None like what is happening now though. Many are pointing at Zorgo, or rather Project Zorgo. A relative anon group who’ve stated their disapproval with a lot of YouTube content and several other issues. Anonymous contains all hats, white, grey, and black. Those who use their prowess for good, half and half, and ill-intent. While an official Google response is expected, it has yet to be seen. It is unlikely that the Anonymous collective will allow such a blatant halter of mostly free-speech and sharing of ideals. Many will likely consider the attack, if indeed an attack, rather oddly intended. Social chatter has mentioned doomsday and other terms which is relative not to an actual doomsday but rather regarding the groups mentioned intent to engage. It is highly unlikely that YouTube will remain down for an extended period of time. Shocking would be an understatement if that ends up the case. But with a sub knowledge of the Anonymous movement, Google is sure to have some hometown hero’s of their own ready to pick up the tools of the trade and get to cracking, possibly literally. It’s a game of cat and mouse for the purpose of solely watching the interaction between cat and mouse. Ultimately that’s all it boils down to. I suppose we will see just what pops up... errr rather shuts down as updates are released. I would advise not latching on to the first but if news you find... after all. You never REALLY know

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