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Administering CBD to Your Furry Babes

More and more fur-parents are picking up on the very versatile benefits of CBD. The headliner for our concerned pet owners is typically the safety potential. How often do you come across something this beneficial and powerful that is safe and virtually side-effect free? I'll bet not often. And you won't find anything comparable. Especially if you're looking for quality of life for your doggo that is therapeutic for him from the inside out. We have received and read so many success stories, and would just like to expand some knowledge for those who are on the fence a tad.

For our curious followers, here are some recommendations!

1. Mix CBD oil in their food. You can add the oil to any food of your pets' preference, but with soft or canned food, the oil will absorb completely into it, to ensure your pal is getting the full dose.

2. Go straight for it. Squeeze the dropper of oil into their mouth. Success rate varies with this method while some pets are pretty picky. Once it's done, it's done though! And you can give your buddy a quick chaser treat right afterward.

3. Speaking of treats. Our little one, Piper(as seen in this content. Is she precious or is she precious?)as much as hears the click of the "t" sound on our tongues and she loses all composure. The trick here is to use the right t-word. She has her preferences so it must be a treat she can't resist. Squeeze the appropriate dosage into the treat and make sure she finishes it. Our suggestion is to use the soft-chewier versions for this.