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6 Pros of Marijuana Legalization

You already know I enjoyed this one significantly more than the cons content yesterday. I appreciate y'all being chill about it. It is my favorite thing about our community - most of you guys are pretty chill and I don't worry often about feathers being ruffled or any cruddy backlash. Just know I do not take it for granted, my freedom of speech and our incredible following who support us and challenge us daily!

I will keep the intro as short and sweet as possible. We mentioned yesterday that the Federal Government still observes marijuana in the same line-up as heroin and cocaine. Which obviously is total insanity in our neck of the woods. The proof is in the pudding.

Without further delay... Here's some of the good stuff.

Many of the benefits mentioned below were once theoretical, now hold solid truth, and enough merit that more than 50% of the country cast their reel into the beautiful crystal waters of marijuana legalization. Here's why(I know I said without further delay above. I lied):

1) Dismantling Of The Black Market

For decades, the black market was really the only place to find marijuana. Sure, your friend’s brother always seemed to have some on hand, but where did he get it from?

Chances are he knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who was a drug dealer or involved in organized crime (i.e., the mafia or mob). Some of those drug dealers and mafioso even had ties to terrorist organizations in other countries.

The legalization of marijuana either put them out of business or made them go legit. Now, the black market is almost completely gone. Cannabis dispensaries are registered with the state. They are regulated. They are taxed. And that’s good news for everyone involved…except the bad guys, of course.

2) Improved Quality & Safety Control

As the recent fentanyl-laced-heroin problem brought to light, there is really no way for end users to know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase marijuana off the street. Legalizing marijuana, on the other hand, immediately creates a set of standards for quality and safety control.