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Brookland Annexation: Nothing more than a Sugar High.

On the ballot this November will be a measure to annex land mass into the Brookland, Ar municipality. Having spoken with many on both sides of this measure. We fall into opposition of annexation. There are a few reasons for this.

We feel there is a hidden agenda for those wanting to annex. Those who've shared their opinion pro annexation merely stated they wanted to expand. Those in opposition have many valid concerns for being against annexation. There exist, along Highway 49 right through Brookland; two billboards that list reasons for being pro annexation. These billboards are identical to one another and state "help keep school system #1" and "Expansion of police services".

We find it particularly interesting that the name of the school system isn't mentioned. Obviously that would be Brookland Public Schools. A wonderful school system that many of us call our Alma Mater. To annex could mean an immediate large influx of students that would put real pressure on current school infrastructure and staff. Thwarting growth isn't what is being said here. Planned growth is how Brookland Public Schools has gotten to the point it is now. With high academia numbers rivaling much of the state and facility availability that is just as pronounced. Annexation IS NOT needed to keep Brookland Public Schools the amazing institution of education it is and has been.

"Annexation is rarely more than an economic sugar high for a city, one with long-term consequences that are nearly always negative."

Expansion of police services? The proposed area to be a