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Indica or Sativa for Sleep?

It would be fair to start by saying, not every strain of marijuana affects one person the same as the next. And that is just how it is. Our bodies are made up of their own endocannabinoid system and we all operate based on different genomes and metabolisms. Kapish?

Anyhow... there has been an on-going out pour of questions regarding how one strain compares to the other when it comes to sleep quality. It's been studied and reported that a sativa tends to instigate a more energized, uppity reaction, while indica noticeably inhibits a chilled, relaxed euphoria. Science has yet to directly point to the WHY of these observations, but it's there!

Now, the more potent indica strains have higher THC content, which can possibly cause an adverse effect, causing insomnia and anxiety. Not often reported, but it can happen.

If you do reach for marijuana when you need to sedate and chill out before sleepy time, it has been suggested to take part in a drier version. Yup, it's odd we know. People are always in awe of the sticky, moist (*gag*) quality of good bud. But, what happens when the marijuana dries is a little phenom that decompresses the THC content, and activates more of the non-psychoactive portion of marijuana called cannabidiol.(You guys should be pretty brushed up on the CBD - cannabidiol - content by now. But we're here for any questions you may have.) Cannabidiol is often extracted to help with insomnia, so it only makes sense.

Your experience will also greatly depend on your consumption choice. Ingesting through edibles will delay the initial effects, but bring on a more abrupt reaction. You will actually reach REM sleep a bit quicker this way as well. Smoking directly from the herb is effective, but it has been suggested to get comfy and wind down as you smoke, to avoid the acute possibility of an adverse reaction such as a panicky feeling or anxiety.

Just a short, sweet bit of advice to share on the interwebs.

We love you all, have a wonderful week.

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