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So its been a little bit! Last we updated you all we had found some products at a few local Vapor Maven's to be lacking in terms of what they promised. With some products testing out FAR below the amount of CBD the labeled stated they contained.

A week or so ago we got a call. The call was from none other than the owner of Vapor Maven himself. He explained he was out of country when we had revealed our findings and that having a lawyer file a cease a desist letter was simply a means of damage control until he could return to figure out what was happening. Upon his return he discovered that the products he was having made; the manufacturer was selling one thing and providing another.

We want to be very clear. This gentleman was professional, kind, forthcoming, and wanted to immediately take ownership and work together to find a mutually beneficial solution. A solution that was good for all involved, including those that support his business; the customers! He worked with the manufacture and began retesting all of these specific products to ensure that all was on the up and up. He thanked us kindly for catching what his people did not. That is how business owners should conduct themselves and we were astonished at just how well this whole thing went. posted below are the new test results that show the new levels where they should be or above, which is where we keep all of the products from Shamans Reach Inc. That is how a product should be! It should meet, if not beat, the expectations that were set forth!