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An Important Reminder to Our Beloved Cancer Patients

First, a message:

Here at Emerald's we are WARRIORS for our cancer sufferers. Ya'll are the real MVP and we get our hands dirty and our minds messy because of a common goal. You guys face monsters and fear straight on every day, with a smile and a vengeance we have yet to experience anywhere else. And for that, we will always fight for you. Always.

If you are here and you don't support the use of cannabis and access to such for cancer patients, this isn't the article for you. Or maybe it is... who knows. But what we DO know is that there is GNARLY evidence backing the benefit. Proven over and over and over again. If the only thing cannabis could do for people is make them feel better (it isn't), then that's still worth something.

If you can't relate to watching or feeling the relief that comes with having cannabis at arms reach during the battle of cancer, you may not be on board with this.


Not only are we on board.


The physical, internal, emotional, spiritual, and mental turmoil that wreaks havoc on a person during what happens to be one of the hardest uphill battles of their lives, it is time to set politics aside and get the real cannabis infused tea here.