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World Health Organization FINALLY Gets It

Of course our vision began right here in the massive METROPOLITAN of Jonesboro, AR ;) But the end goal has always been global. We have taken every resource we could find to accompany us on a journey to the mountain tops so to scream and reach the world with what we know.

What we know is this - Cannabis. Changes. Lives.

Whether it's medical cannabis in it's full spectrum or simply a CBD regimen, the proof is in the pudding. And it looks like the W.H.O caught on after 60 years of abolition.

The W.H.O 1954: "There should be efforts toward the abolition of cannabis from all legitimate medical practice."

The theme we have been leaning on lately is EVIDENCE OVER POLITICS. The agenda should always be to simply improve. It should always be to educate yourself fully, beyond the article you skim through on Facebook, or the YouTube video. You owe yourself that; to bypass the politics and entertain the cold, hard evidence first.

This is HUGE. The World Health Organization and their move toward a pivot in their position on Cannabis use could, and WILL result in a reform, at the VERY least, on a National level. While their recommendations come with great resolve, they will have to be understood, regulated, and implemented - and unfortunately this takes time. But for anything to be as effective as it needs to be, it must be thoroughly investigated and dispersed gracefully, so we can respect that.

Basically, the W.H.O has dug pretty deep to flip their original "findings" about Cannabis, and after 60 years, calling it as it is and taking the steps to reform the schedule of Cannabis Sativa L. all over the world! Good things come to those who wait, right?