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Shaman's Reach Salve - The Best Uses

I have received SO MANY requests for something more in-depth about our salves and it's uses. I can't deny this miracle product, so I am obliging. We currently offer 250, 500, and 1000 mg jars of the CBD salve.

One of our best sellers is our CBD infused salve. It is the perfect ratio of cannabidiol oil and essential oils for almost literally any use. As an eczema and neuropathy sufferer myself, I can not handle life without it. Especially through the winter months.


My legs look like they have been over taken by poison ivy and 2nd degree burns. OH! Burns... very useful for those as well. Now, be careful because the essential oils may sting a bit. It is mostly recommended in this way when you have encountered a quick stove burn or something quite minor. Do not apply on open wounds or broken skin if it is a burn!

Skin: Cannabidiol has the power to reduce inflammation and regulate things on the surface, even. You guys knew that. But did you know that inflammation of the skin and hinder our immune system? Eczema or psoriasis sufferers run the risk of coming in contact with germs and viruses that are more easily absorbed through the skin with these ailments vs someone who does not battle inflammation of this kind. The healing properties alone in our salves is worth it - if just to RELIEVE the pain and itch.

Literally any Muscle/Joint Pain: Arthritis, stiff joints, muscle spasms, muscle knots, soreness, herniated discs, inflammation, shoot... anything anywhere that just hurts to the core. Now, that is not to say you should IGNORE pain. There is always a reason our body even allows the impulses that cause pain. However in the event that physically you are just dealing with some of the aforementioned issues, you're 100% going to thank me!

I am already on a CBD oil regimen. The original use of CBD for me personally was for relief of migraines. But as anyone knows, with migraines, comes that nausea, tension, and sensitivity. A dollop on the back of the neck, down the shoulders, and even on the temples will change the game for you migraine sufferers. Topical CBD can aid in any regimen you may be on. It is super convenient to carry around and pretty temperature neutral.

If you guys have any concerns with the use of our CBD salve, and we haven't covered it here, PLEASE message us! We are here to clarify any confusion and aid in helping you decide which form and strength of CBD is best for you or your family.

Love you,

Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.


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