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U Even Lift Bro? - CBD for Fitness

JUST IN TIME FOR THE GLUTTONOUS HOLIDAY! BUT, if you take your fitness very seriously, you partake in crossfit activities to do so, or you enjoy building your body (I know there are better terms to use, but I can not help myself), you NEED to hear this.


Our bodies do not naturally grow muscle. It is one of the most challenging tasks of a bodybuilder and a fitness conscious person. We have catabolic hormones in our bodies that break muscle mass down. In order to reverse that issue a person needs to take anti-catabolic supplements.

CBD supplements could help a person accomplish that goal, by lowering the number of catabolic hormones in a person’s body. With lower catabolic hormones a person’s body will not be able to break down muscle mass as quickly allowing a person to increase his or her muscle mass. Not to mention, it can achieve this at a safe rate vs. some other methods of this that some body builders have used.


Absolutely, CBD is the opposite of your typical THC marijuana that makes you want to eat more. CBD has shown the ability to help regulate a person’s blood sugar levels. With regulated blood sugar levels there is less fat-storing hormones produced by the pancreas in a person’s body resulting in less fat being stored. Since more fat can be burned off as energy there will be less fat cells in a person’s body.

Along the same lines a person who is anxious on a regular basis can throw their cortisol levels out of whack. A person with cortisol levels too high or too low end up with unpleasant symptoms. One of those symptoms can be increase in weight, which most of us try to avoid. CBD oils or supplements can help regulate a person’s cortisol levels so that they peak when they are supposed to and lower at appropriate times.

Both of these pieces combined, regulated blood sugar levels and cortisol levels can help a person lose weight safely and appropriately.

Other ways CBD can aid in the fitness process:

> Prevents and Relieves Inflammation

We have all pushed ourselves at one point or another during workout. The result of that can be some inflammation and some pain making the next workout more challenging. Many people mask that pain with an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medication.

CBD, which is a natural supplement, has been shown to help some people with the same type of pain. CBD could help a person get back into their workout grew without having to take something that could do damage to other parts of their bodies, for example their liver.

One well-known anti-inflammatory takes a pretty hefty toll on a person’s liver every time they take it. Over time if a person takes that anti-inflammatory on a regular basis they could do some damage to their liver.

> Helps You Get the Zzz's In

Getting a good night's sleep is one of the keys to helping a person lose weight and build muscle. A person who is not getting enough rest has a body that’s not functioning properly.

That means the person’s body can’t burn off energy the right way or help build muscle the right way. CBD has been shown to help some people get their sleeping back on track. Another great benefit of CBD is that it does not have the addictive effects that some of the sleep medications, out on the market, do have.

CBD is a natural supplement that works with the body to regulate its own natural chemicals. CBD has also shown that it can be very effective in helping a person deal with anxiety. Anxiety is the number one reason people are unable to get to sleep. The initial studies show that some people run very well to using CBD to help lower their anxiety. Further, it shows once that anxiety has been brought down the people involved in the study were then more able to sleep soundly and for longer periods of time.

Anyone trying to be healthier through a fitness program and/or bodybuilding program will want to do their research on CBD supplements. Although, there has not been a lot of research, the research that has been done shows there are many potential fitness, bodybuilding and health benefits to using CBD.

The bottom line is, if you are wanting to improve your life specifically in the area of health and fitness physically, it is MORE than doable. And effective! I always advise, however, to do your own research as well before introducing your body to something it isn't accustomed to. Especially if you plan to be on a regimen. If you will scroll into some of our previous content about interactions between CBD and any other drugs you may be prescribed already! CBD may be virtually side-effect free but interactions can and do occur.

We appreciate your love and support. I hope this was helpful for some of our disgustingly healthy and active followers. ;) Keep it up.


Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.

~ Haylie



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