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Hello Everyone! Specifically, this post is to those who are in the KAIT/Region 8 Viewing Area. You may not have known, but over the course of the week we have been working on a story with KAIT about CBD and the manufacture process we have here. This short post is simply to invite everyone to view the story. Its airing this evening (Thursday October 25th) at 10:00pm CST.

We look forward to your feedback! Also, we wanted to let everyone know that we will soon be doing an overhaul on our websites. They served their immediate purpose well when we first created them to share content and information with. But as we are expanding we will require much more from them and hope to bring easier access, click through, availability, and checkout processes to everyone.

Warm wishes and rest from all of us to all of you and yours,

Shaman's Reach Inc & Emerald's Triangle LLC

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