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Top 5 Ways to Identify High-Quality CBD

CBD is an incredible supplement. It changes and improves lives day in and day out. However, with the growing market and demand for it, there comes a risk of purchasing what I like to refer to as "snake oil" or bogus products. You all catch my drift. Some vendors will take the cheapest route possible at extracting cannabinoids and manufacturing their products, which most times can pose a higher probability of safety issues and less potent CBD.

By all means, do your research. I assure you, Emeralds has taken endless precautions to ensure that you guys receive the absolute best from us 25/8.

1. Look into how that particular product is made and/or manufactured.

Unfortunately, due to the young age of the CBD oil industry, there aren’t any regulations that control the manufacturing process. This means that different CBD brands may have different extraction methods in order to process CBD oil from hemp.

Some companies, especially those who sell their products at a ridiculously low price, may use cheap methods when extracting CBD oil. This requires toxic solvents that are dangerous to our health such as propane, hexane, pentane and butane. Two of these are commonly used in gas stoves and ranges, such as propane and butane, and all of them are hydrocarbon gases found in petroleum.

Others companies use organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol to process CBD. The ethanol, which is essentially grain alcohol, is used to remove unneeded toxins and residues from the base hemp plant. This method of extraction is generally considered to be the extraction process that yields the highest amount of cannabinoids among the different refinement processes as well as being considered the safest method of extracting CBD for human consumption.

In addition, CBD oil can be extracted and manufactured through “supercritical CO2 extraction.” This process involves using carbon dioxide under high pressure in an extremely cold environment. Supercritical CO2 extraction requires expensive equipment, more complex refinement process and production expertise, but it ensures that CBD oil maintains its purity all through the process.

2. The source of your CBD actually does make a difference.

Like any manufactured product, one of the best ways to ensure quality is to use high-quality materials. This is especially important in CBD oil because of the hemp plant’s characteristic as a “hyperaccumulator.” This means that the hemp plant easily absorbs anything that is present in the ground that it was cultivated and farmed. If a hemp plant grew on rich soil, the resulting plant will be of high quality that can produce CBD oil in the same high-quality as well.

Being a hyperaccumulator also has drawbacks: If a hemp plant that is used in production of CBD oil was cultivated in a land that is rich in heavy metals such as mercury and lead, the resulting oils will also reflect the amount of heavy metals absorbed by the plant, making it unsafe for humans to consume, especially children or others who are extremely vulnerable to toxins.

Sadly, some manufacturers would choose to purchase low-quality hemp to process as CBD oil, and such hemp may be polluted with heavy metals. These manufacturers only have profit in mind, and don’t care about the possible consequence of their products. This is one reason why CBD oil risks getting a negative reputation.

3. Check for THC percentage present in the product.

*The legal amount to consume varies for each state. See your state's requirements and legal requirements. Obviously, Arkansas is at a strict 0%, but we are hoping we will get there soon!

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is one of the cannabinoids present in both marijuana and agricultural hemp, and it is the substance responsible for giving a psychoactive effect on the body. It is what gives a user a “high.” The reason why hemp is used over marijuana when creating CBD oil is because of the former’s innate low levels of THC over CBD, making it perfect for CBD oil processing.

Although low, the original amount of THC present in hemp may still cause a certain level of psychoactive effects when processed incorrectly. Remember, CBD oil is made from the extracts of hundreds, even thousands, of hemp plants, therefore, no matter how small a percentage of THC there is in hemp, it may still have a high concentration on CBD oils that have been processed poorly, especially since the equipment needed to properly process CBD oil from hemp can be costly.

4. Check for a "Whole Plant" or "Full Spectrum" label.

Another quality of a good CBD oil is that it is manufactured using the whole plant. CBD Isolates are becoming increasingly popular, but in reality, it is a cheaper material than whole plant extracts. Using the whole plant, rather than using only one part, ensures that the oil contains not just CBD, but also the full range of primary and secondary constituents of the hemp plant. These include terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that are generally believed to work synergistically with CBD, making the benefits exponentially higher than CBD alone.

5. Check for third-party lab results when buying high quality CBD.

Well. We've been here. Our lab results are actually shared a few katrillion times on our Facebook page for you guys! Along with a few others we had suspected were not up to par.

A high quality brand of CBD will always provide third-party lab results to their consumers. Some laboratories finds favorable results, while some products fail these tests. These independent labs exist to ensure that CBD oil is everything it claims to be, with a high level of CBD, low THC (in our particular case, 0%) , and lacking in impurities that can be harmful to consumers.

CBD oil is growing in popularity every day and were happy to say that it’s here to stay.

While most brands want to deliver high quality products, not 100 percent of companies maintain this same level of integrity. CBD regulations and enforcement are likely to increase as time progresses, especially after full legalization of hemp. But until this happens, you the consumer must be cautious about what CBD brands to trust.

We have gone through five important things to look for when purchasing CBD oil and offered some suggestions on how to determine if your brand checks out. We have always been advocates of doing your own research and forming your own opinions on things! Even if you aren't purchasing from Emerald's directly, we want you guys to stay healthy and happy. We are prepared 400% of the time to answer any questions or concerns you might have, promise!

Also, feel free to back track on our blog to answer any of your curiosities as well. Tons of info there.

P.S. We so appreciate all of your guys' support in the recent situation Emerald's has been involved in. It has been a hectic and emotionally draining few days and if it wasn't for our loving communities and your uplifting words, we would be in a much darker head space. We love you all so freaking big, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue with good vibes and prayers. - much appreciated!


Emerald's Triangle LLC

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~ Haylie

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