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What Will They Say Once Weed is Legalized?

What will their desensitized narrative be once it is all said and done? What will they shout from their pedestals when the law is no longer a foundation for them? Over-simplification in the world is blocking the wind that is spreading the acceptance of pot use and it's ever- spreading flame. It is some of the only light some may see in their lifetime of chronic migraines, cancer, and multiple sclerosis symptoms. How could you rule out something you know nothing about? Zilch.

"Pot is bad for you. Our bodies are temples, we must take care of them" is an often go-to.

How many studies and EVIDENCE point to the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, prescription drugs? People in Nepal fall seriously ill all the time from contaminated water. Should we abandon our ministries there? China hosts a deadly super smog that kills daily. So is it immoral to live in a Chinese city?

"Pot is worse than alcohol. You can't use it in moderation."

Uh, worse? How specifically? According to you and whose army? Certainly not according to any study among broad or even individual levels. What about using THC in small doses, equivalent to an IPA or glass of wine? So is it OK to assume tolerance is different for everyone? Intoxication is different for everyone? Where do you draw the line between morality and the law?

"Pot is never mentioned in the Bible, but wine is."

Even if that were true(It isn't... see Exodus 30:23, Ezekiel 27:19, Songs 4:14, Isaiah 43:24, and Jeremiah 6:20 for examples.) Even if we pretended not to know better, Starbucks or comfort color t-shirts isn't in the Bible either. Burn your tees and toss your thermoses!

Bill Clem talks about a woman he counseled during his ministry position. She suffered with multiple sclerosis. Her flare ups were damaging her nervous system and ruining her life. It was killing her. With her medical marijuana card, however, she could legally counteract the nervous system stress wreaking havoc on her body. Clem says, "The question when we talk about things like smoking legal weed, for me, is not so much about the 'what' question," Clem says. "I'm interested in the 'why' question. Why do we do what we do? So if I'm simply trying to numb myself and escape from life for a while, that is very different than my friend who was legitimately 'escaping' from neurologically damaging stress levels."

So where we land at is this: Pot smokers, or supporters will never be convinced that drinking is healthier, more "Christian," or better for society. And neither will I. And I don't even partake these days for personal reasons. But that's the difference... I choose not to. Yet, the supporters and believers of the potential in marijuana legalization aren't rubbing in your face that they do choose to do. We need to bypass the "What are you doing?" question in areas that are morally ambiguous and drive directly into the core: "Why are you doing this?"

"Are we allowed to?" moves us to legalism. "Will this benefit me and the people around me?" moves us to humanity driven love and sacrificial concern for our fellow beings. Why is it such a grey area, friends? Are your questions about someone's actions and decisions superficial or do they reach past the epidermis and into their heart? It is quite simple. God calls us to love. Period. Not just those whom we agree with. Muslim, jamaican, agnostic, atheist, pot-smokers, non pot-smokers, addicts, law-breakers. Love.

Just a short lesson from yours truly.

Stay healthy and love each other.


Emerald's Triangle LLC


sources: Ben Tertin, journal of Christianity Today

Disclaimer: We do not discriminate against those with different ideals or beliefs or backgrounds. We are not mocking anyone's faith or perception of this topic. Our team and families consist of a vast variety of backgrounds and realms of faith. The end result is the same for all of us: open the curtain to the light that is knowledge and open-mindedness.

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