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Sen's Warren & Gardner - Bipartisan Medical MJ Bill

Who's cravin' some politix?

We know, enough is enough. It won't matter which channel you frustratingly swap to, it's right there in your face. I can just hear the CNN inflicted sighs.

H O W E V E R,

What if we took it upon ourselves to deliver some very encouraging PoLiTiCaL banter in this particular segment? Enough intro. Here it goes.

Senator's Elizabeth Warren and Cory Gardner have an agenda that we are so on board with, it is way more than worth talking about. They have openly announced their support and proposal bill for those in MMJ-legal states who are just doing what they've been told they can do, with all the legal documents appropriate to do so.

Too often, though, federal officials assume the throne, and complicate things with conflicting laws and obstacles. Warren says, "Federal prohibition of marijuana creates all these fall-out pieces." and she even went on to exclaim, "It's dangerous and it's dumb."

Passing this bill is not a legalization matter, however, not doing so keeps state-legal business from accessing very important and beneficial resources. I.E: federally insured financial institutions for loans, making insurance coverage super difficult.

We broke this ordeal into pro's and con's for ya:


- It would establish intra-state federal guidelines.

- Soften existing conflict between state and federal cannabis laws.

-It would propose to free up fedrally insured banks to do business with state legal cannabis businesses.