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One of our most concentrated CBD products. This wonderful product can offer pain relief from sore, tired, and aching muscles. Shaman's Reach CBD Roll-on comes in a 10ml glass roll-on bottle with a roll-on applicator top. Solace from migraines, tension headaches, and general tension may also be had by applying lightly to the base of the skull and neck. Warning: Does contain a trace amount of menthol, so avoid tender places and eyes!


Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil, Argan Oil, Tamanu Oil, Menthol, Olive Oil, Cannabidiol, Hemp Oil, Gardenia Oil, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Kokum Butter, Green Tea Butter, Myrrh, Shea Butter


THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, PREVENT, TREAT, OR CURE ANY ILLNESS OR DISEASE. THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about drug interactions, health concerns, and other health conditions before taking this product.


Contains ZERO THC


  • Rosehip, Argan, Tamahu, Menthol, Olive, CBD, Hemp, Gardenia, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Kokum, Green Tea, Myrrh, Shea

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