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Isolates & Shatters - The Value in Pure CBD

Understanding isolates honestly just begins with pulling from the origin of the word - isolate. Isolated. It's exactly what this form means. It is the isolated form of CBD - totally detached from other cannabinoids or matter. Frankly, it is the purest form of cannabidiol available on the market.

It is a crystalline CBD that contains CBD and CBD alone — nothing else! That’s why it’s called an isolate — it is isolated away from all the other things that the marijuana family usually contains.

The benefit in PURE CBD? Well, you will find the same outcome any time you purchase something that's LEGITIMATE and organically amazing - better, safer, quicker, longer lasting results. Period. We do understand the price tag on these products may be a little out there for those who don't understand the process and expense of the extracting process. But we will definitely reveal all of those things to you guys in the next segment!

We would love to explain WHAT you are paying for and WHY.

On to the CBD Shatter. It is quite humorous when I notice someone's reaction to the shatter form of CBD. It somewhat resembles frosted glass in a jar. YUM! Except it is perfectly safe to consume, promise! The difference here is that a shatter is a combo of a CBD isolate and carefully selected terpenes. Don't let that term scare you. They are all-natural additives (I hate that word, but you guys know what I mean) to give each shatter it's own profile or strain. Similar to how marijuana has it's strains such as Pineapple Express for example. Terpenes add flavor and aroma to match the original scent or flavor of the plant. They are totally natural chemicals derived from the plant itself - no worries. If you have questions about how to use a shatter or isolate, this will all depend on your equipment (vape, whatever), or your preference! If you are considering either of these products please do not hesitate to message us on usage options and how to consume! :)