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If you don't know, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are two of the most effective and potent cannabinoids available to us. Our Endocannabinoid systems require them to operate properly. Yes. Our bodies were MADE to consume cannabinoids. Our dependence on a lot of synthetic or chemical compounds that are found in prescription meds would drop abundantly if we all just had access to the cannabinoids WE NEED, DADGUM IT! That's it, I'm going home.

Jk. I'm fine.

Anyway. There is a MASSIVE benefit in meshing THC and CBD together in your daily regimen. Obviously if you are using cannabis in it's whole form already, then you are reaping those marvelous perks. However if you are only on a CBD regimen, I am about to explain why the big picture is to eventually dispense CBD and THC products alike, so these things will be medically available to those with their cards. Here is my vision:

We are able to dispense the marijuana products YOU need. In between times you are unable, or choose not to smoke or ingest your marijuana of choice, say at work (if it is against policy, even with a prescription) you have your honey shot to disperse into a hot cup of tea or coffee. The vape pen with CBD additive in your desk drawer? It will fill in your need for a muscle relaxant and anxiety soldier against the things that distract you from what matters. As cannabinoids, these two reach in and hold hands. They literally help each other BE BETTER and more effective than if they are flying solo in our systems. That is not to say that these compounds are not life-changers in their own right, but there is a reason they bind together so easily.

The bottom line here is just to share the importance and potential in eventually getting our feet up on the platform of "Medical Marijuana Dispensary." There's the sCieNcE behind it. But there's more. (Imagine that. ;))

See, it is bigger than marketing the "good stuff" for me. It is more than just being an advocate for marijuana use and it's medicinal properties. It is even more than opening minds to that ideal - that marijuana is not this big monster in our world.

It is about recognizing the domino effect that our actions have in the universe. A talented writer battles crippling anxiety and bipolar disorder - she uses her prescription or tincture to aid in those things, so she publishes a book about ways to change your life with such mind-altering ailments. College student picks up her piece at Barnes for 30% off, reads the first two chapters and decides right then and there that ending his life that night is not an option that makes sense anymore. He travels to Emerald's Triangle to pick up some tincture himself and meets the girl who he will marry one day and have babies with.

I can imagine how melodramatic all of that sounds, but it is the reality of leaving our mark. It is how our destinies are set in motion. So let's leave our next foot print somewhere life-changing and positive.


Emerald's Triangle LLC Shaman's Reach Inc.


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