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Promising Cannabis Testimonials

Stop burning your Nike's and lets feed our energy to the good stuff. I am always on the hunt for it, honestly. We love stumbling onto success stories revolving around the good ole plant or CBD related testimonials. It's great, and it is my favorite part about this job. In the midst of all the bull and fake news, I love bombarding the internet with miraculous life stories and open mindedness. These are just a few of the credible stories we found, and we welcome you to research their backgrounds. And as always, PLEASE speak out about your own experiences. Let's overpower social media with positive living and powerful stories.

Keep in mind, these are personal claims. Legally, we can not call marijuana or cannabis a "cure" to anything. *rolls eyes* Enjoy.

1. Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is known for inventing hemp-oil medicine that he claims treated his own skin cancer after he was a ‘chemical zombie’ from all the drugs he had taken as a cancer sufferer. After curing himself and hundreds of others with his canabis oil, Rick tried to take his medicine to Canadian authorities. However, the move backfired and the authorities tried to prosecute him. Today, Rick is considered a hero in the medical marijuana world with a huge following of believers. Watch his documentary, ‘Run From The Cure’ and see for yourself.

I watched the documentary myself, and boy it is so encouraging.

2. Shona Banda

A sufferer of Crohn’s Disease for eight years, Shona was bedridden and could only walk with a cane. Diagnosed as terminally ill, Shona decided to explore alternative remedies in a last bid to save her life. Shona saw Rick Simpson’s video and began to treat herself with cannabis oil and voila! She is now considered cured and has a normal life. She subsequently wrote a book, ‘Live Free or Die,’ detailing the weed experience that saved her life.

3. Charlotte Figi *We dedicated an entire post on behalf of Charlottes story. You'll find it in one of our previous blog posts!

Six-year-old Charlotte is the miniature miracle who suffered from an untreatable form of epilepsy and used medical marijuana to cure herself. By the time she was two years old her parents had literally tried all medications to cure her – some which nearly ended in her demise. Enduring some 50 seizures a night, her parents managed to get her a medical marijuana card in Colorado.

After her first dose of high CBD oil her seizures immediately stopped, her parents claim. She emerged out of her catatonic state and her parents got to meet her for the first time. Charlotte has since featured on a CNN documentary, documenting her miraculous story.

4. Kristen Courtney

Juicing raw cannabis is the Crohn’s Disease health cure that Kristen claims saved her life. Diagnosed at 16 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, the illness quickly turned into an auto immune disorder that left her bedridden for four years. Finally, the teen and her mother began to look for alternative treatments. Kristen began juicing raw cannabis, and after a month she claims her pain stopped and her recovery began. She is now an advocate for medical marijuana treatment for fellow sufferers.

Per usual, we are pushing and getting our hands dirty to eventually bring you guys even more life-changing products and access to medical marijuana. Arkansas is on it's way and we pray to land there for you guys. It's coming, just wait!


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