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Endometriosis Meets Cannabidiol

I most likely have not been as personal with you guys as I will be in this segment. My life has not been the center of the content we put out there for you guys, but I am exposing this portion for a good cause.

As women we are warned about what our menstrual cycle means; blood, aching, irritability, cravings, hormones lose their sh*t etc. They do not particularly wave a flag that reads, "HEY!!! SOMETIMES THINGS DON'T GO AS PLANNED AND OUR BODIES DO NOT DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO DO AND IT SUCKS. LOOK OUT FOR THIS!"

Age 13 came in a flash.

A couple of years in, after my body attempted to adjust to the literal hell that was womanhood, the pain increased at an ungodly level each and every time. Then came the vomiting, high fevers, high blood sugars, high determination to just rip my insides out. I know it sounds gruesome. But it is ugly. Any of you reading this who have been on this side with me knows how ugly endometriosis is. How it is not just a period for you. It is not just the pickle cravings and flooding tears for no reason. It is rolling around the tile floor naked (because you're overheating), praying for relief. Even as a grown 26 year old woman, I yell for my mom, Corey, or Zach; whoever is closest.

There are steps that are suggested to take. We hear them all day long: Midol, naproxen, heating pad, hot bath, birth control etc etc etc. It is like a broken record in society when people have absolutely no clue.

My suggestion is this:

A CBD regimen 1-2 weeks before your typical cycle. Right, I know. Who am I kidding...? I rarely have any warning or schedule. But you need to gauge it the best you can. You can begin your regimen at any time. You can adjust your dosage once you feel a flair up coming. This month was the first time in almost 3 months that I have been crippled over in pain. Why? Honey shots, isolates, and tinctures PEOPLE!

It may come off as odd, BUT... we are experimenting with cannabidiol infused tampons and feminine products. I'll be reporting on the success withing the next couple of weeks. Feel free to message our Emerald's Triangle LLC on Facebook or contact me directly! This is a monster to be reckoned with and I am on a brutal mission to help the ladies around us manage their symptoms without traumatic procedures and treatments. It needs to be discussed openly, so we can fight for our right to function and carry on a quality of life beyond endometriosis.

Love you all,

Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.


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