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Cannabis VS Fertility

Trolls everywhere! Spreading their biases like Land O Lakes. They go as far as to say that pot is a killer, that it ruins your body, etc. Okay, so not everyone who shares this perspective is a troll. To say so would just be a generalization and that's not our cup of green tea. The trolls, or CULPRITS we'll call them(for the sake of emphasis) are those who can not possibly think freely, much less for themselves. They get their "hypotheses" from Dr. Google and will not stray from the familiar ignorance that is classifying marijuana as "dope." (We lol'd too.) "Well that boy must be smokin' DOPE, he smells like a skunk!!" That escalated very quickly, Susan.

One pretty common myth, mostly coming from female culprits, is that marijuana can negatively effect your fertility.

You'll find an article published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, claiming that research shares uplifting results. It says that marijuana usage does NOT make it more difficult to get pregnant.

While, yes, previous research exists stating that marijuana had negative effects on reproductive hormones, ovulation, and semen quality, here is the important thing: The newest study - which was among the first to actually test conception rates found zero significant difference among users and non-users. Conception rates... a BIG variable to validate these claims, yeah? So there's that.

There are credible articles available that back up the risk of smoking or intake of marijuana while pregnant or immediately before conception. There have been cases of low birth weight and a lag in organ production. However, to call marijuana "deadly" in any case is a stretch, for sure.

We are hoping and praying for more tangible results in legitimized labs to back up that goodness and potential cannabis brings us.

This was just a little tid bit that hit home for us here at Emerald's, and found it important to share.

Thanks for being part of the movement. And doing so with so with love.


Emerald's Triangle LLC

Shaman's Reach Inc.


- Haylie

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