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The UN Drug Committee's Cannabis Findings

We are aware at this point, there are times in which we might sound like a broken record. But, if our material just barely scratches the surface and opens the eyes of one soul, then that is most definitely the grooviest part of digging so deep each time we publish.

So listen:

The United Nations Drug Committee got their toes a bit wet through some recent reports on behalf of medical marijuana. The global health agency, which is an office of the UN, found, and openly reported (this is important) that cannabis is in fact a "relatively safe drug," specifically put. The agency surveyed 953 cannabis patients from 31 countries. Most had been using cannabis-based medicines for several years, but also claimed they had used cannabis prior to their current treatment under a physicians advisory.

They found that an estimated 2.2 million people use medical marijuana -- the most common use being for pain. A good 30% of British patients report using it for multiple sclerosis. MS is highly painful and life-altering, and the results and jump in quality of life reported is astounding and hopeful.

Did you guys know that, globally, only 3-5% of people who have tried cannabis did so for non-medical reasons? Yep. Facts. ;)

A Whopping Decrease in Opioid Use

No significant difference has been found in demographics among those who use cannabis for medical or non-medical reasons. So put down your gavels. Too many studies to name have proven multiple times on different variables, that cannabis reduces the need for opioid pain medication, in turn reducing the risk of overdose and addiction. - UH OH! What ever will big pharma and rehab facilities associated with them going to do?!

Dr. David J. Ores, a New York physician says, "People with chronic pain use less narcotics when you use or supplement their pain control with cannabis products." (He was not involved in the aforementioned report but remains an oustandingly credible source.) He went on the say, "Also, medically prescribed cannabis brings patients into the healthcare system for associated problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, etc."

Studies only go so far, though. Unfortunately, cannabis research is lagging. The public and professional interest is certainly there; especially the regions in which the opioid epidemic has struck. Sadly, very few legally funded clinical trials have broken through the steel gates we refer to as the PROHIBITION. It sucks, we know. Look at the facts though! DEA administrators are spreading false info like Country Crock and being shamed and called out on it - if you ask us, we really couldn't see the day where higher up officials would put their foot down in light of something as stigmatic as marijuana.

- We've uploaded a video concerning the scandal in which the DEA Administrator, Patterson literally says he is "aware" of a "few" deaths from marijuana. You'll find this on our Facebook page! Like & share por favor!


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