The Yocan Evolve Plus is the most portable wax vape pen on the market.  At the bottom of the vape pen is a silicone, non-stick dab container for storing shatter and crumble. This black vape pen comes with dual quartz coils and is the most popular wax vape pen around.  Obviously, Shaman's Reach Inc. and Emerald's Triangle LLC pay close attention to not only the quality of the products we make, but also the products we carry. This pen is tried and true and is a mainstay at every Emerald's Triangle LLC location. With nothing but excellent reviews and testimony, we decided that this would be the one device to offer our loyal customers so that they can have a convenient, efficient, and safe experience with their Shaman's Reach Shatter. Outstanding temperature range, flavor throughout, and a sleek design make this pen the best on the market!




Brand Yocan
Model name Yocan Evolve Plus
Market direction for Concentrate
Material Pure metal with quartz coils
Technology QDC( Quartz Dual Coils ) technology
Color Black is only color available at SRI
Thread Standard 510 thread
Battery 1100mah
Weight 210g
Specially service OEM, ODM
Package content 1*Evolve Plus atomizer
1*Evolve Plus battery
1*Extra quartz dual coils
1*Pick tool
1*Micro USB cable

Yocan Evolve Plus Pen (Black)