The ingredients found in the Shaman’s Reach lotions make them high-end luxury lotions. They are too numerous to list, but some special mentions include jojoba, tamanu, argan, and Castor oil, Colloidal gold and silver, herb extracts such as spilanthes, frankincense, myrrh, vitamins C and E. All this before we even mention the CBD. Each 6oz bottle is packed with 1000mg of CBD, more concentrated than almost any other on the market.

Lotion of this caliber is conceived for a luxurious hydrating experience. It is designed to curb inflammation and pain while promoting healing and balance on a deep level. Shaman’s Reach is not playing around with this lotion; you will be hard pressed to find another lotion out there that is anywhere near ours in quality and content.

These products are thoughtfully crafted in small batches to deliver you only the best CBD has to offer.


THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, PREVENT, TREAT, OR CURE ANY ILLNESS OR DISEASE. THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about drug interactions, health concerns, and other health conditions before using this product.

PREMIUM Lotion 1000mg CBD